Mystique Canvas Dummies for Gundogs

Canvas Dummies

The canvas dummy is the favourite training tool used by many trainers while training their dogs for hunting. It is stuffed with special filling, its body is short and rounded so it helps dogs to fetch it in the middle. The dummy can be flavoured by any scent and can be used both on land and water. You can easily throw it thanks to the ergonomic plastic toggle or special rope. In our offer you can find a wide range of dummy types.

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Canvas Dummy and Snack Pouches
Top quality canvas dummies from Mystique.™
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Standard Canvas Dummies - Mystique
Canvas Dummy
DCSt1 Canvas Standard Dummy 250gr
DCSt2 Canvas Standard Dummy 500gr
DCSt3 Canvas Standard Dummy 1.0kg
DCSt4 Canvas Standard Dummy 1.5kg
DS10 Canvas Dummy Set 500gr #1-10
DS5 Canvas Dummy Set 500gr #1-5


Dummy Balls - Mystique
 Dummy Ball
DBC1 Dummy Ball 1650gr


Marking and Speedy Dummies - Mystique
Marking and Speedy Dummy
DCM1 Canvas Marking Dummy 250gr
DCM2 Canvas Marking Dummy 500gr
DCSp1 Canvas Speedy- 250gr
DCSp2 Canvas Speedy - 500gr
DCMP1 Canvas Pocket/Palm - 85gr
DCMP2 Canvas Pocket Dummy - 150gr


Bird Dog and Puppy Dummy
Bird Dog and Easy Fetch Dummy
PEF103 Puppy Dummy- Easy Fetch
SDD-01 Bird Dog Dummy - Canvas


Snack Pouch and Disc
Mystique treat pouches
DCS1 Canvas Snack Pouch - Large
DCs2 Canvas Snack Pouch - Small
DCS3 Canvas Snack Pouch - Disc
RFS1 Snack Pouch Small - Fur
RFS2 Snack Pouch Large - Fur


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