Dog leashes and collars

Leashes and Collars

Shop for Mystique Field Trial Slip Leads, Rogz leashes and collars and Hessonite, leather and braid show leads; We have got them all.

Leashes, Collars, Show leads, Slip leads
Top quality products for every occasion
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Hessonite Show Leads - Finest quality leather & braid
Hessonite Show lead
HSL-01 Show Lead - Braid
HSL-02 Show Lead - Leather
HSL-03 Show Lead - Leather & Braid
HSL-04 Show Lead - Leather & Chain


Rogz - Collars and Leashes - Assorted Colours

Rogz Leash
HL11 Rogz Lead - Snake
HL06 Rogz Lead - Fanbelt
HL05 Rogz Fanbelt - Lumberjack
HLM05 Multi-Purpose Lead - X large
HLS05 Splitz Lead - Lumberjack
HLS06 Splitz - Fanbelt


Rogz Semi Check Training Collars
HC11 Rogz Half Check- Snake
HC06 Rogz Half Check- Fanbelt
HC05 Rogz Half Check- Lumberjack


Field Trial Slip Leads - Mystique
moxon field trail leash
FT 883 Moxon leash 180cm
FT 883-S Moxon leash - with horn stop
LSSL Puppy Slip Lead - Mystique


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