Canvass Dummies for Gundogs

Dokken Birds

Dokken Birds are excellent training tools for your dog before you start training with wild game. The deadfowl training dummy bodies are made of a soft natural-feel foam with free swinging hard plastic duck head / feet with a natural dead bird weight. Training birds encourage your retriever to make a proper pick up and hold while discouraging your water dog from shaking ducks. Retriever training scents may be injected directly into the duck's foam body for added realism. Perfect for puppies.

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Dokken Birds

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Dokken Birds - The real deal !
Dokken Bird Floating Dummy
DFD1 Dead Fowl Orange
DFDS1 Dead Fowl Blueing Teal
DFDS2 Dead Fowl Minature Mallard
DFD2 Dead Fowl Mallard
DFDG1 Dead Fowl Canadian Goose
DFF3 Dead Fowl Pheasant
DFDS3 Dead Fowl Dove
DFDP1 Dead Fowl Hungarian Partridge

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